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India Essential Oils


A Tribute to Womenhood

India Essential Oils India Essential Oils India Essential Oils India Essential Oils


We are Engaged in manufacture and marketing of Medical Devices for Reproductive Health care,in our ultra modern class 10000 clean room. Duly certified by ISO 13485 ISO 9001-2008 . Our Product are being regularly used by the Government of india and many other Goverments around the World.Contech is an approved supplier of UNFPA (Actually the first) and its IUCD are registered in 14 countries world wide. Additionally IUCDManufactured by Contech has been exported to more than 65 countries.All major NGO's obtain their requirement from Contech



Contech Devices Private Limited
Mr. Abhishek Yadav
No. A-47, Sector 57
Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201 301, India
Telephone :- +(91)-(120)-2581336/2581037
Mobile :- +(91)-9873226901


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Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices - IUCDs

We are into manufacturing of Reproductive Healthcare Items. Our range collectively comes under Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices (IUCD's). These are offered with a motto - A Tribute To Womanhood.

  Contech Cu 375

The Risk: "Cervical cancer still accounts for about 80% of gynecological cancers (in India) since about 1 lac new cases of cervical cancers are being reporting every year..."
The recommendation: “All Women (should) Have a Pap Smear every 2 year. (those who are) sexually active should commence having pap smears between the ages of 18-20 and then continue doing so until aged 70."
The Ideal Method “With ..(the) Combined Spatula - Cytobrush method the rate of smears containing cells from the transformation zone increases remarkably. The positive cytology rate is significantly higher in the combined smears (0.75%) as compared with spatula alone smear (0.38%)."
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  Nugard 380 A









































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